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how to get help

Call 386-7824 to book an appointment.  


Clients are required to provide the Medicare Card number for each member of their family.  


The Food Bank is open Tuesdays from 1:00 to 4:30 pm and maybe open at other times in the case of emergency orders.


After you have received your appointment date and time, then proceed to the Food Bank at 50 Runneymeade Road, Riverview, then pull up to the doors and honk your horn to announce your arrival. You will be directed to pick up your order inside the building. COVID-19 restrictions permit one client in the building at a time.  


Important to note, during this time all necessary COVID-19 procedures are in place at the Food Bank. That being said, we require you to wear an approved mask and stay in your vehicle until directed to collect your grocery items.


Q:  How many times can we visit the food bank each month?
A:   You can visit the Food Bank once a month.  If there is a crisis or emergency beyond that, please contact us for additional assistance.

Q:  We have no way of getting to the food bank. What do we do?
A:  We encourage you to see if a neighbour or friend can provide you with a ride.  If this is not possible, please contact us during our hours of operation.  We may be able to help.



Family Preparing Dinner
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